Sunnyvale Raiders Soccer Association is dedicated to providing a program that offers a valuable learning experience. We are committed to providing all players with a safe and fun environment where they will build and develop soccer and life skills. Some of these skills include; teamwork, overcoming adversity, and social interaction. Our association will do our best to ensure that all players have a positive experience, while playing a sport they love.

  1. Register at www.forneysoccer.org (ensure to note that you are a part of the Sunnyvale Raiders Soccer Association as well as  the team that you have played on if you  previously played).
  2. Proceed to the Sunnyvale Raiders Soccer  site http://sunnyvaleraiders.soccer/ and register.  
  3. Email RaidersSoccerSunnyvale@gmail.com with any questions. 
 The extra cost covers our administrative fees and equipment purchases. All teams are formed on a first come, first serve basis.
For additional information email RaidersSoccerSunnyvale@gmail.com